Design + Strategy

Hi, I'm Meg Boericke

I'm a visual designer and media strategist looking to capture audience attention.

Campaign Research

Twitch Campaign Strat.

This capstone research examines how a standardized Twitch broadcasting campaign can better stream practice and increase audience engagement and conversion. The research aimed to design, build, and evaluate a novel strategic approach to use Twitch’s interactive platform to increase stream following.
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Presentation Design

Workshop Revamp

Elon by Design offers ongoing workshops and events for students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities. They also work to create special events to bring design thinking to courses, organizations or activities. The presentations for the workshops needed to be recreated to reflect the organization's brand aesthetic and be reflective of the audiences they are addressing.
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White Paper

Twitch Brand Marketing

Twitch is the next broadcasting step that builds on the foundation that radio, television, and video-streaming built. This white paper outlines the features of Twitch for companies to best take advantage of when building a marketing campaign for the platform. 
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Interface Design

Meraki App Interface

Using Adobe XD, the objective of this project was to create a function prototype of an app. This app servers to connect users to local art events based on favorite art genres and encourage users to participate with friends and family through social networking.

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UX/UI Testing

Moodle App User Test

The objectives of this test were to determine recommendations for design improvements the Moodle application could make to be more user-friendly. Testing and project collaboration was performed over Zoom.
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