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In a time of social distancing and limited in-person interaction, much of the world has turned to the internet for their entertainment and connection–both of which Twitch provides. Unlike other platforms, Twitch has a collection of unique engagement tools that give companies the opportunity to directly engage with their audiences in ways that previously hadn’t existed. They have unparalleled access to loyal fan bases that devote hours a day to watching their favorite streamer. The site can be used to build brand awareness and build brand loyalty with the audience’s online and offline identities. Twitch offers companies a platform to reach global viewers unitied under a common goal: creating and connecting. If you want to get ahead of the curb, look to Twitch to stretch a brand’s creative muscle and build a lasting impression with viewers. So why not give it a try?

Why Twitch?

Live, interactive broadcasting is the next step from the foundation that radio, television, and video-streaming built. People want more depth to their entertainment as the power of interactive digital tools only continues to advance. One of the most notable of these tools is Twitch–a live streaming platform built around the direct interaction between streamers and audience members that is making waves in the broadcasting field. 

At first glance, Twitch’s interface can be confusing and difficult to navigate to the untrained eye. Many of the mechanics and elements are unique to Twitch and their functions are not obvious to new users. Companies approaching the site need to have both an understanding of the platform and the niche audiences and cultures that exist around the Twitch community to use the site in its most effective form. With a strong understanding of the platform, brands can take advantage of the existing engagement tools to leave a unique and lasting impression on audience members

Recommendations for Marketing on Twitch

Know Your Audience

Twitch has an international audience full of niche sub-communities, and learning the ins and outs of these communities is key to capitalizing on their marketing potential. Having this knowledge is just as vital as learning the actual mechanics of the platform. These diverse communities provide opportunities for many different kinds of brands to use Twitch to their advantage.

Sponsorship = Visability

As is common in influencer marketing, streamers on Twitch cultivate sponsorships with companies that are relevant to their brands. Because audiences  spend so much time with their favorite streamers, a streamer’s opinion carries a lot of weight. 62% of viewers engage with esports and gaming personalities daily. 70% offer monetary support.

Building Loyalty

Because Twitch audiences have a personal stake in the content that they are consuming, they are more likely to engage with an associated brand. In fact, 64% purchase products recommended by them. Companies and brands can capitalize on this connection if they understand how the relationship was formed and how it currently interacts.

Marketing on Twitch is unique because it not only appeals to an audience, but also to their online personas. Those in the gaming community develop online personas that can be separate or extensions of their offline identities, and thus can be marketed to differently. Due to Twitch’s high levels of audience interaction there are opportunities beyond traditional marketing techniques to build brand recognition and audience engagement on the platform. Marketing tools are highly gamified, requiring a more advanced level of creativity, innovation, and personalization in order to be effective. Before marketing on Twitch, a company must have a clear vision of who the market is, the types of desired engagement, and the level or classification of streamers that would best fit their brand.

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